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Let’s talk about some snow plows today.

Snowplow Talk – Talking snowplows

Have you ever seen a talking snowplow before?

Me neither, but the way people are talking about snowplows and snow plow equipment these days makes me start wondering what if a snowplow could actually talk. What would it say? Would the it talk about the weather, or maybe politics?

Places on the internet to talk about snowplows

There is a lot of places on the internet you can actually talk about snowplows, but none where the snowplows talk. On this blog you cannot talk about snow plows. You, just have to read all the stuff I write about them.

One day maybe we call can sit down and relax, and let the snowplows do the talking.

Ax attack on snowplow – Alaska man charged

Ax attack on snowplow – Alaska man charged

Alaska State Troopers say a man apparently angry that a snowplow truck was blocking his car is accused of attacking a snowplow with an ax.

Snowplow driver James Ross told troopers that a man with a maul-style ax ran in front of his snowplow truck in Big Lake on Nov. 6. Ross says he was forced to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting the man. The Alaska man then swore at him and then hit the driver’s side door of the plow truck with the ax.

Maul Style Ax

Ax attack on snowplow caused $200 in damage

The ax attack on snowplow, ended up causing about $200 in damage, according to the affidavit. The plow driver then drove away, fearing that he would be attacked next, the court papers say. The snow plow driver then gave troopers the Attacker’s description and told them where the attack occurred. About an hour later, the police found the Alaska man, who said his car had been plowed in but denied any confrontation took place. The Alaska Man ended up getting charged with third-degree assault and fourth-degree criminal mischief and held on $5,000 bail. Makes me wonder whether, this dude ever decided to perform an ax attack on snowplow again?

Ax attack on snowplow

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