Top 10 Snowiest Cities In Canada

Top 10 Snowiest Cities In Canada
If you’re lookin’ for the white stuff, and by that I mean snow… These are your best bets!
Jack Frost is a little late this year and had some of us wondering if we’d have a white Christmas after all. But not to fret, snow lovers – the white stuff is on its way! While we all know that the northern part of the country gets dumped on the most
Every part of Canada gets snow. Even the warmest Canadian cities still get between forty and sixty centimetres of snow each year. To get snow each year is just part of being Canadian.

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St. John’s, Newfoundland and Saguenay, Quebec top the lists as Canada’s snowiest large cities. St. John’s ranks first for total amount of snow, while Saguenay has the most days with fresh snowfall.
Saguenay also leads the country’s cities for how long snow lingers on the ground. But at St John’s, all that snow doesn’t stick around for long. The city doesn’t even make the top ten for most persistent snowpack.

Ten of Canada’s large cities receive an average of over two metres (6.6 feet) of snow every year. These cities with the most snow are scattered throughout Central Canada and the Maritime Provinces.

City, Inches, Centimeters
St. John’s, Newfoundland 131.9 335.0
t’s worse in St. John’s, where it’s “wet, damp and rainy.
Average snowfall: 322cm
Days of snowfall: 84
This coastal town in Newfoundland/Labrador is considered to be the oldest English-settled town in North America. It’s also one of the whitest from December till April, with the second-highest yearly average snowfall.
This is also the windiest city in Canada, 9. Windiest: St. John’s, Nfld. 23 km/h

Saguenay, Quebec 126.6 321.7
Average snowfall: 342cm
Days of snowfall: 96
Also known as the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area of the province, Saguenay is located 200 miles west of the capital of Quebec City and gets the most snowfall of any big city in the country, with an average yearly snowfall of more than 11 feet.

Québec City, Quebec 119.4 303.4
Quebec is a typical Canadian city with warm and pleasant summers, when temperatures tend to be around 25 degrees Celsius, and long gruelling winters. Residents brace themselves for an annual average of 316 centimetres of snow per year falling over 107 days. Large snowdrifts are common but Canadians are experts at coping with snow. – See more at:
Average snowfall: 316cm
Days of snowfall: 76
Steeped in history (and mounds of snow), Quebec City receives about 316cm of snow every winter. It’s always been known as a snowy destination, which is probably its draw with tourists – it is one of the most visited cities in the province (after Montreal).

Sherbrooke, Quebec 112.8 286.5
Average snowfall: 294cm
Days of snowfall: 79
A southern Quebec city with lots of wintertime precipitation, Sherbrooke, which is also a big college town, is the fourth biggest municipality in the province – and fourth on the top 10 snowiest cities in Canada).

Sudbury, Ontario 103.7 263.4
Average snowfall: 274cm
Days of snowfall: 78
Sudbury, Ontario is known for two things: its booming mining industry and its massive amounts of snow. It should come as no surprise that it’s also renowned for being a hockey tow

Barrie, Ontario 87.8 223.0
Average snowfall: 238cm
Days of snowfall: 46
A cozy city nestled along Lake Simcoe, Barrie has been called one of the fastest growing cities in the country. It’s also a regular stop for Jack Frost, with above-average snowfall.

Montréal, Quebec 82.5 209.5
Average snowfall: 218cm
Days of snowfall: 60
All that snow in Montreal doesn’t slow down this hopping city – locals as well as visitors take advantage of all that white stuff by skating in the Old Port or on Beaver lake, playing shinny at a local outdoor rink, or just meandering down one of the many snow-covered downtown streets.

Moncton, New Brunswick 111.0 282.0
Trois-Rivières, Quebec 102.0 259.0
—–St. John, New Brunswick 94.3 239.6

Ottawa – Gatineau
Average snowfall: 236cm
Days of snowfall: 66
Canada gets a lot of snow and the capital region is no exception. The average snowfalls rank them within the top 10 snowiest cities in Canada – it’s no wonder they’re popular for winter getaways, with the longest skating rink in the world and tons of seasonal festivities.

Average snowfall: 231cm
Days of snowfall: 60
It must be the ocean breeze that brings the snowstorms to this Nova Scotia city. Halifax is the largest city in Atlantic Canada, and next to St. John’s, it’s the one with the most snow.

Average snowfall: 202cm
Days of snowfall: 66
The south-western city of London, Ontario is one snow-blanketed city for several months of the year, but it’s also becoming a booming tourist locale, with a budding arts scene as well as loads of festivals.