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White Trash Snow Plow Videos

There are many funny white trash snow plow videos you can find on the internet. Here I have compiled a nice little online collection of videos for your entertainment. Make sure to watch all the videos as they are really funny.

The Rear Mount Hand Shovel Plow

Let’s start with the one I would like to refer to as the Rear Mount Hand Shovel Plow. It is a cheap alternative to regular rear snow plow systems, as the cost is to acquire a snow shovel, which you often can often get cheap a rummage sale during the summer, and you can have friend help you, buy having him or her drive his or hers vehicle. To use this plow system it is necessary to have two people, one to control the car or the SUV and one person to control the shovel. Working together you will both have a fun, and get the snow removed in no time.

The Wooden Hillbilly Towing Plow

Here is a nice wooden white trash invention. I like to refer to it as the Wooden Hillbilly Towing Plow. The way it works is that you attach it your rear receiver hitch with a rope and then tow it behind your vehicle. In this video it is towed behind an older model Chevy pickup truck, but I will assume it might work as good to be towed behind almost any car, SUV or truck. It basically made out of a pallet attached to an eight foot two by eight stud. It actually seems to work pretty good in the video. At least as long as you don’t have to back up a lot.

The V-Shaped Wooden Tire Plow

Here is another I chose to add to this White Trash Snow Plow Videos collection. This one is also created out wood, but it also take advantage of some rubber components and it is also taking advantage of the popular V-shape. According to the Inventor it works pretty darn well.

The Snow Plow Buggy – The last of Our White Trash Snow Plow Videos

A rather home made dune buggy looking snow plow. Another white trash creation, but seems to get job done at least.

A Couple Funny Snow Plow Images Two

I don’t feel I can talk about White Trash Snow Plow Videos without also adding a few pictures of some white trash plow inventions I found on the internet. These are some hilarious ones. Enjoy!

classic white trash snow plow videos

human white trash snow plow videos

subaru white trash snow plow videos

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