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Have you ever heard anyone say: “You must see this snow plow, it’s just awesome!”?
Yes, I have too… That is what I call Snow Plow Talk. 🙂

Here I will post some cool updates, you better check back soon. Because you will never know when…

Some Silly Snowplows

People do a lot of weird stuff when it comes to snow removal. Some of these snow plows are just silly others Fiat 500 Snowplowfunny. You can see some crazy snow plows, and some that actually make sense. There are also some snow plow we shouldn’t talk about. This old Fiat 500 snow plow, I think will fit most categories. . If you like pictures of snow plows like that I recommend you visit my cool snowplow pictures section where I have posted several pictures I found by surfing the internet.

This first Snow Plows – Some History

According to WikipediaThe first snow plows were horsedrawn wedge-plows made of wood. With the advent of the automobile, a number of inventors set about to improve existing snow plows. In the US, patents were issued for snow plow improvements at least as early as 1920. The first snow plow ever built specifically for use with motor equipment was in 1913. It was manufactured by Good Roads Machinery in Kennett Square PA. and was designed to meet the exacting requirements outlined by engineers of the New York City Street Cleaning Bureau.

RoboPlow – The Future of Snow Plowing

One day the robots will take over our snow removal task, it is just a question of time. The robots are doing more and more of our chores, robot lawn mowers take care of our yard, robot vacuums take care of our floors, the technology is now also start hitting the snow plowing industry. A company based in North Carolina by the name of SuperDroid Robots has developed a robot that would plow snow for you while you sit back and relax. Robo Plow Snowplow The robot will cost you about $8,500 and will prove most useful if the snow level lies between 2-6 inches. The robot is a six wheeler and comes with a plough blade which is 52” in length and works pneumatically. The robot can be controlled via tablet or your desktop PC. It weighs about 181.82 pounds and is capable of running for two hours on two car batteries. However, there is room for more batteries and hence, more work time. The RoboPlow will actually clear your driveway of snow while you have breakfast. So watch out snow plow manufacturers, because the winter is no match for RoboPlow.

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